Brand Story

Steven, fueled by a passion for innovation, embarked on a journey in the realm of B2B windows and doors. For him, it wasn’t just about construction; it was about shaping spaces and creating designs that resonated with individuals on a deeper level.

Amidst the meticulous craftsmanship of B2B, Steven's vision expanded. He saw fashion not as fleeting trends but as a medium for personal expression, a connection between people and their lifestyles. Thus, the expansion unfolded into a new venture: clothing.

Transitioning from B2B to B2C, Steven led the charge to offer a unique, eclectic fashion experience for the younger demographic. From women's wear to leisure attire, especially focusing on the beloved hoodies and tees that defined comfort and style.

At Keepshowing, Steven fostered a culture of relentless innovation. With a dedicated in-house procurement team, they didn’t just create products; they curated distinctive designs that set Keepshowing's offerings apart.

The brand name, Keepshowing, embodies Steven's commitment to consumers - a promise to be their trusted source of fashion. It's not just about selling garments; it’s about offering a distinctive way of life, an attitude infused with confidence and innovation.

Though rooted in catering to the youth in the United States, Steven's vision extended globally. Keepshowing is dedicated to delivering high-quality, imaginative products, providing a canvas for everyone to exhibit their unique style.

Fashion, for Steven and Keepshowing, is inclusive. Beyond expanding to various online platforms, an independent e-commerce website was established, welcoming fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Driven by innovation and a belief in free expression, Steven's ethos persists: everyone deserves to showcase their most unique, beautiful self through Keepshowing's clothing.

Our Team

We are a hub where creativity thrives, and potentials are realized. Our team boasts innovative design creators and seasoned experts in procurement and supply chain management. To consistently develop products beloved by consumers, we've established a dedicated Fashion Buyer team in Guangzhou, China. They're tasked with trend scouting and spearheading product development.

We strive to swiftly offer top-notch, stylish products at attractive prices to users worldwide.


To ensure product safety and swift delivery, our warehouses are strategically located in both the United States and Asia. This setup enables us to promptly deliver purchased products to our customers, wherever they may be.


Leveraging strong relationships with manufacturers, including our own factory, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products at competitive prices. If our products pique your interest, please feel free to contact us at

Customer Care

At Keepshowing, every customer relationship is treasured. Our dedicated customer service team is poised to assist you. As we continually introduce new products, all our employees undergo comprehensive training on the latest trends and offerings.

For real-time assistance, our dedicated online chat service is at your disposal, ensuring instant answers to all your queries. Your satisfaction is and will always be our utmost priority.

Company Overview

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Company: Anhui Hotian Door  & Windows CO., LTD

Address: Room 1218, Block A, Welan Business Bay, Municipal Affairs District, Hefei, Anhui Province

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